The following are screen comps from several projects we currently have in various stages of development. While none of these projects are food-related, we do believe they illustrate the attention we pay to the numerous fine details inherent in eCommerce projects.  A brief synopsis is provided for each set of screens so you can better understand the requirements of that particular project.

Thank you for your time.

CLE in Colorado

We were contracted to provide a complete re-design of the Colorado Bar Association’s continuing education site, CLE in Colorado. This is the first portion of a multi-phase redesign that will ultimately include 50+ individual responsive page templates and the design of a widget-based dashboard with more than 20 modules.

This project was designed for development on Euclid Technology’s ClearVantage Platform.

Athlete Performance

This in-progress project is a new venture for Athlete Performance, a sports training and fitness company. AP has decided to begin selling supplements, fitness accessories, and training materials directly to customers using a Magento-powered online store. These screens illustrate the importance of consistency and usability from Landing Page to Product Page.

Fat Whale

Fat Whale will be an online marketplace for digital goods for web and UI designers. For this project, we were asked to work within an existing and established design aesthetic laid out by Fat Whale’s creator, Chris Cook. Using Chris’s logo and color scheme, we have begun creating a site that reflects Fat Whale’s personality while maintaining a great user experience.