Meet Mike Votto

Mike Votto is one of the founding partners of Envy Creative and currently serves as Lead Developer and Project Manager. Mike is well-versed in many programming languages and building fast, responsive web experiences on a number of platforms. The development process at Envy Creative starts in conjunction with creative, as Mike and Nick Votto collaborate to make sure that the aesthetics of site design are always in service of the user experience. In addition to his development duties, Mike also leads strategy and project management.

“One of my passions is fully realizing the highest expectations of our clients. My greatest passion is fulfilling the highest expectations of their customers.”
Mike Votto – On Passion

More About Mike

Mike studied Film and Film Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he developed skills he would later use at Envy Creative. During his time as a student and filmmaker, Mike served on the Programming Committee for the Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, and many of his experimental films were shown at various film festivals, colleges, and art galleries around the country.

Outside of Envy Creative, Mike is active in writing, be it for blogs or print. He contributes regularly to various publications, writing on topics ranging from politics to video games. Mike also operates his own personal blog,, where he reviews films, though he does this more and more infrequently as more Envy Creative work arises. Currently, Mike is spending his free time writing two books: a novel and a reference guide on Exploitation film. Mike is also a co-host on The Nerdgasm Podcast, where he engages in conversations about all things related to “nerd culture”. Mike lives with his wife, Natalie, and their cat Peter Duke in the Milwaukee suburb of Brookfield. In quieter moments, Mike can be found scouring local thrift stores to build his collection of VHS tapes, watching Z-grade horror films with his beautiful wife, and aggressively playing video games online as his virtual alter-ego, Captain Rhodes.

“A great website or brand should never be the beginning or the end. Everything should be surrounded and informed by sound, thoughtful strategy. That’s when ‘good’ work becomes ‘great’ work.”
Mike Votto – On Strategy

Mike Votto, Partner at Envy Creativw

Mike’s Favorite Cover Art

The Exterminator VHS Cover Art

The Exterminator
James Glickenhaus – 1980

Dawn of the Dead VHS Cover Art

Dawn of the Dead
George A. Romero – 1977

The Video Dead VHS Cover Art

The Video Dead
Robert Scott – 1986

Dolls VHS Cover Art

Stuart Gordon – 1986

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