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A Sensitive Project

When Envy Creative was given the chance to take on the web development, we knew that it had to be handled with extra care. The project scope was open-ended and there was much room for interpretation, which meant that we could ultimately build the site we want. We had just one end goal set: show the last statements of condemned Texas inmates, and to do that while being as neutral and respectful as possible.

It All Starts With Planning

In the brainstorming stage, there were many different approaches proposed by Envy team members. Ultimately, it was determined that this site would be best served by utilizing a minimalist mentality throughout design and development. In the perfect scenario, the end user needed to stay on the site and go through every last statement, so it couldn’t be delivered using a cumbersome or overly-complex interface.

Uncomplicate A Complicated Message


Randomized Quotation System

To deliver the strongest elements of the inmate messages, Envy developed a system to deliver quotations in a randomized order to ensure no experience on the site was the same



With such a sparse site, typography was the main design focus of this project. We chose typefaces for both neutrality and legibility.

Responsive Design

Without static outbound or inbound links, the design needed to work perfectly on mobile as it would be promoted through social media channels as well as through email

A Truly Transformative Web Experience

Envy Creative’s aim at the beginning of the project was to present the information in a neutral environment, free from the typical design standards of the web, while always remaining respectful to such a hot-button topic. The result is thought-provoking, beautiful, and simple. The site is visited by thousands of people every month from all over the world, and accomplishes the goals laid out from the onset.

Digital Impact

Need to leave an impression? We’re good at that.

We love little more than projects that push the boundaries of what a typical website can be. Whether it be a cause, a viral marketing campaign, or just a weird experiment, we can help you make an impact online through memorable and thoughtful web experiences.

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